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Sinopeter Razor Barbed Wire Fencing Factory has always focused on the development and manufacture of razor wire products. Razor wire offers the ultimate in high perimeter security for indoor and outdoor property protection.

Razor wire fencing products we export are classified into spiral type, straight line type and crossed concertina type, known separately as razor wire coils, straight line razor wire fence and concertina wire coils. Also known as Razor Ribbon, Helical, Blade wire, Security Barbed Tape or Concertina Wire, it is available in stainless steel razor wire coils or galvanized steel razor wire coils. The coils are stretched out like a 'slinky' and can cover up as your designs.

Razor wire can cause serious injury to any person who attempts to get through it, making it a very effective security solution for our customers. It is delivered in export standard packing for easy transportation and installation.

    Razor Ribbon

  • Razor ribbon barbed tape (Helical coil razor) is a simple spiral, like a spring or slinky. It is one of our major razor wire strip products. The loops are normally not clipped ...

    Concertina Wire

  • Concertina razor wire has adjacent loops clipped in pairs at various points around the circumference of the razor wire. The clips force the roll to open in diamond ...

    Razor Wire Flat

  • Razor wire flat-use coils are made of high tensile razor wire and clapped into a flat panel formation. Razor wire flat-use coils provide a high barrier when installed ...

    Razor Wire Mesh

  • A kind of welded flat razor wire mesh, high security mesh fencing made of straight-blade netting, mainly for windows and doors. It is packed in rolls, easy for transport.

    Straight Line Razor Wire

  • Straight line razor wire is made of blade type barbed wire straightened for easy and quick installation.


  • Note: Coil diameter and length at the customers' requirements.
    Material: hot galvanized steel wire & plate or AISI 304 stainless steel wire & plate.
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